Plated Prisoner Data Art by Irene Alisjahbana

This is a four-part data visualization series illuminating the narrative intricacies within Raven Kennedy's adult fantasy romance series, "The Plated Prisoner." The books are a reimagination of the King Midas myth, and this visualization series transform data derived from the text into visually captivating artwork representative of each book in the series.

Intricate patterns and shapes emerge from intriguing elements within the text - the frequency of pivotal words like "Gold," the division of chapters among character's Point of View (POV), and more. As readers traverse the literary landscape, they simultaneously uncover intriguing data-driven insights about their favorite series.

Drawing upon the series' unique design elements, each visualization embodies the essence of the original book covers and narratives, offering a colorful, data-infused homage to Kennedy's world.

This series of visualization was shared on Instagram and reshared by the original author of the books herself.