Superstore Dashboard by Priya Padham

This data visualisation provides an overview of the performance of a fictional superstore. The dashboard begins with some high-level KPIs and sparklines, and then breaks this down into more detail below. There are three toggle buttons at the top to allow the user to drill down by “Sales”, “Profit” or “Orders”, which will then change the entire view to that metric. For example, toggling to “Profit” will allow the user to explore profit by state, customer segment, manufacturers, and so on. On the side panel to the left, there is a table icon which directs the user to a tabular view showing details about every order that has been placed along with its status, as well as a filter icon to allow them to drill down the view as required.

The minimalistic design uses blue as an accent colour to draw the eye to certain elements of interest, and the use of simple chart types allows for both readability and accessibility. This dashboard assists the owner of the superstore in pinpointing potential areas that are causing a negative impact, such as if a particular product is underperforming, so that they can then carry out necessary actions to improve.