Number Crunch by PEI Group

Private Equity International’s Number Crunch is a collaborative project between the publication’s editorial, production and design teams. Published once a month, Number Crunch takes a topic – be it a specific sector, country, type of investment, region, and so on – and displays it in the form of a two-page infographic summarising the key market updates within that topic.

Number Crunch has been extremely well received by Private Equity International’s readership as a visually appealing, easily digestible way of receiving market updates. Private equity is a famously complex area of finance, so finding ways to communicate highly technical data to a wide audience is of paramount importance. This has been achieved in the monthly collaboration between the aforementioned teams.
The topic is selected and researched by Private Equity International’s editorial team, which then gathers the most significant data on the topic. This often includes data from PEI Group’s own internal research and analytics database. The data is then transformed into graphs and other visuals by the production team, before the publication’s designers create the striking end product.

With the title being a monthly publication, the turn around time can be short and the designers must work both creatively and quickly to deliver an engaging spread that also ensures the data is easily understood and enjoyed.

Number Crunch is also unique in that it is one of few print-only features in the magazine: it is not replicated online, making it truly exclusive to readers who are committed to the print medium.
• Latin America – July/August 2023
• Cybersecurity – October 2022
• Travel – November 2022
• Healthcare – March 2023
• Retail – February 2023

  • Credits
    Design: Miriam Vysna, Head of Design and Mike Scorer, Art Director
    Additional Design Credits: Allison Brown, Art Director – Americas, Shanzeh Adnan – Designer
    Editorial/data sourcing: Helen de Beer
    Production: Tim Kimber, Senior Production Editor and Mike Simlett, Managing Editor - Production
    Images: Getty Images
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