A year of war by Texty.org.ua

Since the beginning of full-scale invasion to Ukraine we have tracked the ebb and flow of the Russian occupation, the weapons used by the enemy to lay waste to Ukraine's cities and energy system, the intensity of the strikes and their effect on the illumination of the capital of Ukraine in 2022. Within the data-project "A year of war" we put altogether in dynamics to show the harm to Ukraine in several dimensions. We have visualized data on the frontline changes, on air alerts and strikes on Ukraine territory, enemy losses, weapons provided to Ukraine by partner countries etc.

The idea was to show the war in 6 essences: The Land, The Lights, The Strikes, The Sky, The Enemy, The Weapons.

The leading visualization - a map - shows the success of Ukrainian forces in some directions. The Russian army scored the largest land gains in March 2022. However, starting April 2022, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been steadily restoring control over the captured territories, with main regains in April and September.

We used black-and-white design to focus on the way Ukrainians are considering the Russian invasion - these are the darkest days in their lives, though with struggle full of sparks, hopes and certainty in victory.