Lab24, the visual area of Il Sole 24 Ore, has recently published “Italian succession”, a special longform that illustrates the stakes of Silvio Berlusconi's entrepreneurial legacy, enriched by data and charts, with the company shares in the Fininvest Group before and after the will, but also portraits of family members and key figures in the life of the Knight, written by the signatures of Il Sole 24 Ore
After the opening of the three wills, last July 5, the story of Lab24 has been enriched with unpublished contributions that investigate the possible scenarios opened by the provisions of The Knight, the prospects for the heirs, the crucial issues for the new corporate governance of family and the challenge of the “third generation”. Moreover, from the work of Lab24, Il Sole 24 Ore has produced a book "I Berlusconi", to understand what the future of the empire will be.

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    Coodination: Luca Salvioli Digital Design Director: Laura Cattaneo Journalists: Andrea Biondi, Paolo Bricco, Monica D’Ascenzo, Marco Ferrando, Barbara Fiammeri, Maria Latella, Marigia Mangano, Emilia Patta, Luca Salvioli Design: Andrea Marson Illustration: Giorgio De Marinis Data visualization: Alice Calvi, Luca Galimberti Development: Marina Caporlingua, Renato Zitti-Pozzi
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