Mission ‘Queen by surprise’: the 50 people who dyed Letizia's blood blue. 50 year anniversary of the Queen Letizia by EL ESPAÑOL

To mark Queen Letizia's 50th birthday, we wanted to talk about the 50 people who have contributed to shaping Letizia throughout her life to make her the Queen of Spain.

We present these 50 people in an interactive family tree where you can see who they are and access information on their influence on Letizia's life. We have grouped these 50 people into three stages of her life: commoner, princess, and queen.

We have selected them within each stage based on the importance of their influence, as some have had more impact than others.

With a clear and elegant design, we present infographics that show how various aspects that make up Letizia's image and personality have evolved. In the commoner stage, we analyze her verbal and nonverbal communication. One of the most notable changes after becoming a princess was her way of dressing, so we break down many of her iconic dresses by category to show their evolution.

Since being crowned Queen of Spain, she has actively participated in countless events, so we present in an infographic the themes of the events she has attended since 2014 and analyze her personality through her signatures.

In the technical part, to make the story more interactive we used CSS and Javascript, the D3js library for the tree map and illustration programs for the infographics.