AI-ML based Data Discovery and Classification for Security Admins by Zscaler

This dashboard is designed for Network Security Admins to be able to monitor, identify and take preventive actions on anomalous activities to help protect sensitive data of the organization efficiently.

This dashboard primarily answers three important questions for admins:
1. What kind of sensitive data the employees of my organization are uploading/downloading? (Top 10 ML Categories, File Type, Content Type)
2. Who is doing it? (Users)
3. Where does my organizations sensitive data reside? (Applications)

The Data Discovery Details page provides 4 levels of drill-down in one single view helping admins to find 'the needle in the haystack' and protect valuable information leakage to the internet.

I designed this innovative dashboard from scratch using Figma tool. It took 10+ revisions/iterations and 6 months to arrive at this solution. I collaborated with 1 product manager and 8 developers to build and launch this feature in our product. It was released in February this year to 7 Million users from all over the world. The Wall Street Journal article featured it as an innovative security product interface.