MeteoHist - Historical Meteo Graphs by Jan Kühn

A Streamlit app to create interactive temperature and precipitation graphs for places around the world.

We know that global warming is real. But how have temperatures developed in different locations around the globe?

I built a web app that creates a graphs like the ones attached for most places on earth. It shows how daily temperatures compare to the mean of that day in a reference period (by default 1961-1990).

The peaks show how the displayed year's temperatures deviate from the reference period. The more and the higher the red peaks, the more "hotter days than usual" have been observed. The blue peaks indicate days colder than the historic mean.

It's also possible to visualize precipitation both cumulated and as a 30-day rolling average compared to historical values.

The app is based on open reanalysis datasets from that uses data from the EU's Copernicus satellites and mathematical models to estimate detailed historical weather information for locations that may not have had weather stations nearby.

With the climate crisis becoming more evident every year and denialism rising at the same time, I hope this work can contribute to a better evidence-based communication on climate change to tackle the huge challenges still ahead.

The code is published on GitHub: