The Flower Encyclopedia — Editorial design by ISIA U – Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche di Urbino

What the online encyclopedia has gained in responsiveness, completeness, and user engagement, it has lost in terms of the quality of its editorial design, typography, and illustrations. This project is about reclaiming the encyclopedia in a designed format. Not as an alternative to Wikipedia, but as a socially and culturally relevant book type. For this project, we developed an encyclopedia for which the basis is articles found on Wikipedia. This book is a collection of data concerning flowers. In it, you can find much of the information belonging to the plants selected in a more contemporary way by extrapolating the texts from Wikipedia. The most important data we have worked on is color. By sampling the individual flower, we defined the color circles and related them to the density of color in the flower. In the margin of each page, the diameter of the flower is given on a scale of 1:1 to relate it to the size of the book.