Sensory Experience at Elephant and Castle by University of the Arts London

We are sensorial creatures who inhabit the world surrounded by sensory data (Serres, 2008); also, we experience the world by continually engaging all the senses (Le, 2017). In such a context, we can learn that the senses shape our understanding of the surroundings. This project seeks to explore and collect information from the community by using the senses, and takes mapping as a creative method to reveal people's interactions and relationships with the place. This offers people different views and unique stories to engage with and learn about the surroundings.

The Elephant and Castle have changed dramatically in the past few decades. The area has been a traffic hub for a long time and is currently developing a residential community and shopping malls. Therefore, this project selected Elephant and Castle as the research target and mapped the sensory experience of the area to show how and what humans perceived in the place and serve a unique visual narrative on the area to draw people. For the visual expression, the project applied the watercolour style to express, which depicts the fluidity and blurred characteristics of the sensory experience.