Maritime oil leak crisis by Nanjing University of the Arts

Oil spills are an environmental disaster, with more than 1,700 oil spills occurring between the 20th and 21st centuries, spilling more than 5.7 million tons of oil into the sea.The impact of the oil spill is like dominoes, gradually spreading from the upstream and downstream of the marine ecology to human beings.The layout of the diagrams is based on the main diagram as the central figure, which leads to the diagrammatic content of each section. The linear 2.5d style is used as the main diagramming style, and the flat line style is used as the icon style. The main diagram is divided into four layers, the first layer shows the five sources of oil spills, the second layer shows the harm of oil spills to the marine part, including the harm to fisheries and sea bottom organisms, the third layer shows the harm to the beach part, including the harm to tourism and beach species. The fourth layer shows the harm to human beings.