District Mobility by CLEVER°FRANKE, Government of the District of Columbia

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) of Washington DC manages and maintains transportation infrastructure. In the district, many commuters use public transport instead of a personal vehicle, although overground public transport is often affected by congestion. The interactive website “District Mobility” is a tool to visualise the transportation flows within the district. By focusing on content and a clean look and feel, complex data is made understandable for the public by showing the bigger picture. The diamond-like shape of DC was adopted as the central symbol of the website, serving as a visual archetype for multiple interactive and data-mark features across the entire project. The DDOT’s characteristic red, lends the website a familiar look. Interactive, engaging and rich in data, the website not only helps to make informed decisions about transportation, it also provides crucial information for policy makers responsible for improving mobility within the district.