Food Carbon Footprint Index 2018 by Cédric Scherer Data Visualization Design

A circular visualization compares the food carbon footprint index for the year 2018 per continent and for all 130 countries listed.

The food carbon footrpint, provided by nu3, is estimated for different metrics. The left chart shows the footprint in terms of average consumption in kg per person and year of both animal and non-animal products; the right chart visualizes the amount of carbon emissions in kg CO2 per person and year.

Font size and color intensity indicate each country's estimate with countries printed in bold belonging to the upper 50% of consumers and CO2 emissioners, respectively.

The main visualization was created as a personal contribution to the #TidyTuesday challenge in March 2020. The visualization was completely created in R with ggplot2. The images used inside the charts were sourced from FreePik. The code and all versions are publicly available on GitHub.