Migration Trail by Alison Killing

Migration Trail follows the journeys of two fictional characters: David, from Nigeria and Sarah, from Syria. Their stories are told via maps, data visualisation and social media, in real time over the course of ten days, as they set off from North Africa and Turkey, travelling over the sea, to and through Europe. It is based on true stories. You can follow their thoughts and responses along the way via their instant message feeds, either on the website or on your phone in Facebook messenger, to keep up with the story in real time, wherever you are. A podcast series explores the wider issues.

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    Creative director Alison Killing Producer Josie Gardiner, Alison Killing, Michelle Feuerlicht First Prototype: Mike Robbins UX & Web design Thomas Lievestro Technical realisation Thomas Lievestro Audio editor Anik See Assistant producer Sarah Saey Graphic designer Asja Keeman Sound design and music Bora Yoon Fixing and translation Omar Shamil Mohammed, Nayief Salameh Impact producer Michelle Chakkalackal Data analyst Luke Gilder Writers Elnathan John, Nadia Asfour, Zarghuna Kargar Podcast narration: Marnie Chesterton Additional fact-checking Nayief Salameh, Benjamin Thomas White With thanks to Abdurrahman Doel, Abdulrahim Salifu, Ebrima, Fatima Issah and Gulfam Hassan
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