Addressing Urban Heat Islands: AI Solution for Resilient Cities by Gramener Inc

Globally, climate change claims 150,000 lives per year. Gramener partnered with Evergreen under the Microsoft AI for Earth grant to curb climate change impact with a predictive urban planning tool. This scalable, 3D data storytelling solution aids Canadian municipalities to plan data-driven infrastructure & policy decisions for effective climate control.

With Canada warming twice the global rate, tech intervention to enable planning & mitigating of heatwaves is a dire necessity.

The municipal & provincial governments have digital tools to adapt & mitigate against disasters, but none to tackle frequent heatwaves which have far more adverse effects over time. There are no tools that we know of that provide a single platform to analyze & predict land surface temperature & its impact.

Our solution’s unique tracking ability helps city planners evaluate the cooling impact of data-driven interventions on immediate surroundings & enables scenario modeling to plan future infrastructure projects.

The immediate impact will be seen on Calgary's infrastructure, particularly the downtown area with over 1.3 Mn people. The solution will positively impact the Vulnerable population (0-5 & 65+ years, physically/economically challenged), Community Builders, & Urbanists.

The tool is designed to next cover Canadian cities such as Toronto, Edmonton, Kingston, & London.

Canadian municipalities can now leverage AI tech to address various climate-related hazards. A joint roadmap between Evergreen, Microsoft AI for Earth, & Gramener is planned to scale to multiple global cities to ensure sustainable urban planning.