The US Climate Vulnerability Index by Darkhorse Analytics

Climate justice means being fair to all, especially when dealing with climate change. The world is getting hotter, causing illness, destructive weather events, and financial difficulties. The escalating impact of climate change compounds existing social and economic stressors. While some U.S. communities have the resilience to weather these storms, others grapple with deep-seated disparities born of historical prejudices and systemic injustices.

The Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) is a vital compass to dissect and visualize these disparities across America. Anchored by 184 indicators, the CVI offers a data-rich platform for unpacking cumulative vulnerabilities within neighborhoods. By melding climate change impacts with environmental, health, and socioeconomic metrics for over 70,000 census tracts, the index crafts a nationwide portrayal of communities' susceptibility to climate shocks.

Amidst historic funding to bolster equity and resilience, the CVI empowers policymakers, local authorities, nonprofits, research collectives, and community leaders. It enables targeted interventions and informed resource allocation, safeguarding marginalized communities against the impacts of climate change.

A collaboration including the Environmental Defense Fund and Texas A&M University, the CVI is a big step toward fairness. It brings together facts and community voices. This way, we can fight climate problems together and make sure everyone is treated right. It's not just a tool – it's a way to make big changes happen, from local neighborhoods to the whole world.