A WALL OF FIRE by Texty.org.ua

In this project, we decided to show what hypothetically happens around the Ukrainian position when it’s showered with "lead rain". Up to 3-5 thousand shells can be fired at a single section of the frontline every day. This is the reality of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. We made a graph that illustrates one minute of shelling when several Russian systems are firing on Ukrainian positions simultaneously. This intensity cannot last long, it may also be different at different times of the day. Using a hypothetical trench as an example, which we reproduced based on the data from one of our previous projects, we decided to show what kind of fire our soldiers can experience in the hottest spots at the frontline. We found the real sounds of volleys of this caliber and set up the program to simulate the stated intensity of the shots. The project also shows differences between several types of artillery, and how it works in reality.

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