The UAE's Golden Years of Bloom by arohib

A data-driven portrait of UAE’s milestones, population, and GDP over 50 years.

Data is powerful. When used correctly, it can tell an even more powerful story. Using 379 data points i.e. 50 years of milestones separated into different categories, population numbers, and annual GDP figures, I created a data visualization. Each symbol in the visualization is represented with a data point and can be understood using the key/legend embedded in the artwork at the bottom.

In the visualization, I used Tribulus Omanense, UAE’s national flower, to depict progress over the last five decades. Like the flower that stands the test of harsh weather but still blooms, UAE too, has come up on top and been able to leave its mark on the world. Each milestone in the visualization is either the first time someone was appointed or the first time something took place, launched and/or was established.

UAE is home and its growth brings me so much joy. This piece is a testament to UAE’s stupendous growth over the last 50 years. All data was collected using different sources, which are listed in the key as well.