Cantonese performing art by Marcelo Duhalde

Cantonese opera is a form of artistic expression that is almost a thousand years old. In Hong Kong there are theatres where operas are presented continuously, as well as there are annual events in which theatres are built especially dedicated to these stagings.
It is a discipline that has multiple details worth explaining visually; the costumes, makeup of actors and their meanings, movements and what they represent, stage, music, song, dance, acrobatics etc.
This piece seeks to explain as many aspects of Cantonese opera as possible, as well as many relevant historical aspects that were found during the research stage (about how opera performances could be itinerant along the banks of the Pearl River, or the location of theatres in the golden age of opera in Hong Kong).
Given the multiplicity of angles to show this topic, a clean design was chosen, using empty space as a delimiter for the information capsules. We wanted to avoid at all costs the saturation of elements in the visual explanations, giving the reader time and visual space to explore and assimilate in a controlled manner every detail of the various chapters contained in this graphic. The three horizontal scrolls wanted to evoke the spatiality of the print, leaving one element per screen, so that the navigation had a different rhythm than usual for online infographics. Videos and audio are included to complete an atmosphere dedicated to a splendid expression of acting, coordination and aesthetics that fascinates the public attending these functions.