Chinese National Orchid Diagram by Yang Zhangbin, Nanjing University of the Arts

Orchids are valuable, ornamental plants. In China, the orchid is called the national orchid mainly referring to the spring orchid, lily orchid, cymbidium, jianlan, cold orchid, merlan, spring sword. In these seven categories, there are thousands of varieties of horticulture. The national orchid was known as LAN hui in ancient times. Just as huang tingjian (1045 -- 1105) of the northern song dynasty described the orchid in "you fang ting": "the orchid has its remaining orchid after one stem, and the orchid has its remaining orchid after another; the orchid has its remaining orchid after five or seven flowers and its fragrance after another".

National orchid appreciation standards
For thousands of years our people have experienced the crystallization. The standard of appreciation of Chinese orchids is indeed very extensive. Yilan originated in China and spread to Japan and Korea. Orchids are the flower of a hundred flowers - let orchid hui naturally enter the world of people's minds, and the traditional Chinese quintessence of LAN yi will be carried forward together, orchid friends with common progress.