Who has the upper hand in the China-India border dispute? by Marcelo Duhalde

This piece aims to show in detail the comparison of war forces between China and India, puting the territory and its geography as a context.
It opens with an enumeration of the war capabilities of both sides and their location on a series of maps relative to other references such as densely populated areas, borders, connectivity routes, and mainly features on the ground. This factor is decisive in the final balance of forces, there are environmental and geographical characteristics that act against one of the forces (China) making its great military deployment relative and questionable once placed in the real context. This factor is explained in the second part of the piece, a bar chart shows the restrictions that the China’s air forces needs to face in order to display an effective combat capability in adverse conditions
The chart series has used a limited colour palette strictly to differentiate the sides. The use of black in the background is to highlight the references, grids and details that support the informative references and to unify the series of visuals in a visually coherent way. Without using too many contrasts.
It is intended that the interaction with the information be simple to explore and easily controlled by the user through scrolling, most of the assets are static and are displayed in a large size to be able to include labels and information conveniently.