Covid-19 : From Darkness to Light in Our Dwellings by Taylor's University

It is Due Time for a Change - A Victory in Our Name!
Across countries and continents, for the young and the old, of all ages and sizes - let hope alight! The world has witnessed the doom and gloom of past years. 453M cases and 6.03M deaths worldwide, and counting. But look! See an insightful report on how far mankind has come since the dawn of the new pandemic age.

Infections. Transmissions. New Cases. New Deaths.
It seems like a never-ending cycle, with small wins like a considerably low death rate thus far.

A Flickering Ray of Hope.
Here are the numbers - less than 1% chance of testing positive, and one in five of these positive cases were admitted to the ICU wing of hospitals. This suggests a relatively controllable spread and severity of Covid-19 on average. Their ups and downs started off as an unprepared glimmer of preventive measures set in place, ultimately became a brilliancy in handling the new crisis of critical symptoms and contagious hot-zones.

Shedding Light on Lives.
Some knowledge are practically facts - stricter standards of procedures reduce the risks of virus transmissions, and thus result in lower numbers of Covid-related deaths. However, there are other important causes-and-effects that are less well-known.
Shine a spotlight on handpicked highlights of useful insights - stringency indexes, populations, population densities, age, gross domestic product, extreme poverty, cardiovascular deaths, diabetes, cleaning facilities, hospital beds, life expectancies, and human development indexes. Time to uncover useful forecasts and findings and learn to better understand the virus.

A Bright Beacon of Light, A New Lease On Life.
Vaccinations are achieving their desired outcome! New vaccinations peaked in Jun-Aug 2021 with a high demand for full vaccination statuses, and again in Nov-Dec 2021 when booster shots were made available. With the evident upwards trend in vaccination statuses, a likely prediction is the rapid closing of the gap between fully vaccinated and with vaccinated and boosters. All in the very near future.

Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow.
Be informed. Let’s not forget to update ourselves on recent happenings, such as through this insightful Covid-19 storyboard! Surely it prompts thank-yous to all those at the frontline - healthcare, essential services, and researchers and scientists alike - who have worked hard to bring back some semblance of normalcy and created the vaccine in such a short time.
Socialise virtually. Let’s keep in contact with all those who have supported us in many ways - share this storyboard with them to spread the news of hope.
Stay positive. Let’s hope and pray for a better, peaceful, and healthy tomorrow for everyone all around the world!

Our world, our lives, our story - Let's Light Up Our Dwellings!

Data Source : Renewable Energy Consumption (% total final consumption)
World Bank, Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) database from the SE4ALL Global Tracking Framework led jointly by the World Bank, International Energy Agency, and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program.
License : CC BY-4.0