Quarantine Visual Diary by Errea

During the confinement in Spain, between March and May, 53 consecutive days, we produced a daily visual column that was published in Diario de Navarra, the leading newspaper in the community. It was a totally disinterested offer, without remuneration. It was a way of collaborating with a newsroom and a society hit by the situation. It is a portrait in data of our confinement, that of all of us. For this, we recorded punctually, obsessively all kinds of statistics about us and our families and cohabitants. We showed how and how much our habits changed... and our mood: ourselves.

The Quarantine Visual Journal was originally published in Diario de Navarra and was later materialized in a full-size printed book: respecting the same measurements (two columns wide, full page height) with which it reached the readers.