A River Drained: Fish, Rice, and Food Security in the Mekong by Kontinentalist

The project was done in partnership with Open Development Mekong to draw attention to pressing developments of the region that will ultimately affect the most disadvantaged. It also attempts to highlight potential remedies and ways forward for communities in the region to follow and mitigate the impact of climate change.

This map-driven piece takes the reader through the Mekong terrain, its key staples such as fish and rice, and how infrastructure developments and climate change are endangering food security for the region. Covering a wide range of topics, from fish migration to climate change and poverty, the reader is introduced to the various stakeholders involved in the Mekong

This story mainly made use of the storytelling template by Mapbox, and allowed the datasets to drive the story. The datasets were sourced mainly from Open Development Mekong, but extensive research was done to find suitable and relevant data from other research and non-governmental organisations. Most of the data was processed with QGIS, before it was uploaded and styled in Mapbox Studio.

The story received good attention amongst the NGO and OpenData community, and explained in simple and accessible language what the key food resources are in the Mekong.