Grow Eat Heal: 100 Illustrated Herbs & Spices by InfoAperature

In 2020, I undertook a 100 Days Project on Instagram. I designed 100 infographics that displayed information about herbs and spices and their growing, culinary, and healing uses. We’ve been using plants for food and medicine for millennia. While it could be a complex endeavor, the intention of this project was straightforward, it is to help us all become more connected to our food and extend this connection to our overall health. We are what we eat, and we should think about little ways we can “let food be thy medicine.” I believe intentionally growing and consuming herbs and spices with their beneficial properties in mind is a small way to do that.
This project was developed out of an interest in seeing this information presented together in an accessible format in hopes of strengthening our lost connection with plants, food and our past. I also used this opportunity to develop my own icon set or graphic language.