Data Analysis When Truth Matters: On the relationship between evidence and conclusions. Remodeling statistical practice and teaching. by Graphics Press, LLC

‘A magnificent work of art design insight philosophy. Tufte discovers insights in ordinary graphics. Not only graphics, but lists and stacks, which take on new significance. The chapter on ethics (and lack thereof) in medical research is a masterpiece.’
Dennis F. Thompson, Alfred North Whitehead Professor of Political Philosophy Emeritus, Harvard University

‘This new book by the pioneer of data visualization, Edward Tufte, is a stunner. Getting a copy made my day.’
Eric Topol, Editor-in-chief of Medscape, Professor of Molecular Medicine, the Scripps Research Institute

‘All communicators should read Edward Tufte’s latest book. Every page is packed with stunning visual and written insights on the art of communication, by ET who sees the world with the freshest of eyes.’
Natalie Wolchover, Quanta

Edward Tufte taught data analysis and public policy as a professor at Princeton and Yale for 31 years. He received a B.S. and M.S. in statistics from Stanford, A Ph.D. in political science from Yale, and 9 honorary degrees.

Edward Tufte, via his Graphics press, wrote, designed, and self-published 5 books on analytical thinking and showing, taught a one-day course, Presenting Data and Information for 923 days to 328,001 students, and published Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style by Virginia Tufte, his mother’s classic book.

Beginning in 2006, ET designed and constructed a 234-art park, Hogpen Hill Farms, showing his outdoor artworks, which are also in collections at Fermilab, Two World Trade Center, and Portola Valley, California.