Something in Common, Data-driven Album Cover by Tiziana Alocci

Something in Common is my first data visualisation of music, appearing as a cover of the vinyl record Something in Common. For the launch of their next album, they wanted to design something unique to "transport the feeling of being torn inwardly and expressing this externally".

The goal is to use data correlated to sound as creative material to make music "solid, discernible and observable". Each piece is a unique fingerprint of the melody/song and comes with dozens of tests, trials and experiments – all carefully documented through videos, sketches, writing and notes. Each piece is evidence of my personal experience linked to each song: the sum of sensations and emotions coming from the melodies. It reflects my perspective and knowledge while firmly rooted in the original material (the sound) as the shapes drive data from the music (e.g., spectrum, frequency, waveform). 

The data-driven cover, published in October 2019, is the first of 10+ data-driven album covers I made during this collaboration.