Radiohead | In Rainbows | Note by note by Marcin Pielużek

'In Rainbows' is one of my favourite Radiohead albums. I love every single note of it. I decided to look at this album from a data perspective. I used the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) format. With MIDI, we can follow a song note by note. Beautiful data patterns come out by visualising the sounds generated by several musicians.

The visualisation shows (almost) all songs from the album 'In Rainbows' as a distribution of individual notes. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a MIDI file for the track House Of Cards, so it was omitted. Very pity, because it's a beautiful track.

Individual sounds were automatically assigned to a particular instrument or musician in most tracks. In the case of missing information, I tried to link the sounds to specific musicians based on live performance videos in other cases.

Listen to the album 'In Rainbows' while exploring visualisation to enhance your experience ;)

Interactive visualisation.