Unrealistic images by Nanjing University of the Arts

In the age of image socialisation, images are one of the main ways we perceive our surroundings and communicate with people. Digital filters have emerged and changed, allowing people to present themselves in a society of filtered images. While "filters" are becoming a way of life, they are also a source of concern for the digital age. The information presented and presented on the internet is gradually "distorted" by the embellishment of filters, and the reality of life becomes elusive. Through the analysis of data on this social phenomenon, we explore the reasons behind the distortion of various images and use information design to combine social data with experimental results to show the process of "beautification" of images on social media platforms in the form of information visualisation. The exhibition is an opportunity to rethink the authenticity of information and images in the online world, and to reflect on the relationship between people and the internet in the escalating era of image socialisation, so as to promote a healthier way of living online.