the story of the stone by Nanjing University of the Arts

The character relationship map of A Dream of Red Mansions is based on the first 80 chapters written by the original author Cao Xueqin, and uses the method of text visualization to translate the event-oriented character relationships in the original work.

When extracting information, the logical structure of "multi-dimensional, three-dimensional, multi-line and multi-level interweaving and progressive" is used to turn the characters in the original work into nodes and divide them into nine levels and five families.

With Jia Baoyu as the core, as the story progresses, the order of appearances of characters at all levels and the frequency of their connection with Baoyu are dynamically displayed, and the basic trend of the story is shown with this intention, and the rise and fall of the five families and the joys and sorrows between the main characters are deduced.

The work attempts to present the content of classic traditional literary works in a different way in the form of data visualization, in order to bring the audience a refreshing visual experience.