Vom Kraftwerk zur Steckdose by Fachhochschule Aachen

As part of my semesters project, I created infographics explaining the european interconnected system. The project contains three posters, a give-away product and one explanatory book. The aim of the project was to explain to almost everyone, how electricity in europe, mainly germany, works.

The posters explain/depict the following:
1. Every powerplant in germany producing more than 100MW energy (not showing solar and wind plants, as the given data doesn't contain their position.) It was created with p5.js
2. The voltage-system of the interconnected system: The types of producers and consumers that are connected to them.
3. The biggest blackout in the history of europe and the steps that lead to it

The book contains explanations on how electricity and parts of the system work, how much is consumed over a year, the types of producers, as well as the reasons it fluctuates over the course of a day - especially focusing on germany

As a give-away I created a piece that can be used to calculate ones electricity usage and its cost over a year and also a table that shows what can be done with 1 Kilowatt.