Italian Toponimy by Marco Giannini

This data visualisation shows the municipal toponyms for which it is possible to suppose a genesis within a known ancient language, and therefore connect the foundation of each settlement to a specific population.

The toponyms are grouped together according to three historical phases (Pre-Latin, Latin and Medieval Italy) in which they would have originated, and reported on the current council boundaries which still retain a footprint of them in form of the termination of the name (suffix) or internal part (infix). The total figure for each category is displayed at the end of the arrows.

The suffix/infix is almost always a clear mark of the origins of the population that named the town (or what rest of it these days) and the area itself. Different colors refer to different populations all across the piece.

Original names of the most important settlements are fully shown in the respective form transmitted (and in brackets in the current Italian version).