Flags of inequality by Rita Costa

Flags of Inequality is a work that would not exist if there was full legislative equality for the LGBTQ+ communities in 49 European countries. This work is based on ILGA Europe's Rainbow Index, a yearly assessment of the coverage of the different rights that protect and make easier the life of queer people.
We make use of the iconic pride flag to illustrate how close or (in many cases) how far, different countries are to guaranteeing equality in categories such as Family, Asylum, or Hate Crime and Hate Speech.
These incomplete flags provide insight into the reality in each country and also allow for comparison among nations. The picture they depict is rather grim, with many countries being far from achieving full coverage of rights. Interacting with the flags allows for a detailed view of how each country evolved through the years.
The interface is fully accessible to screen readers. A visually impaired user who resorts to this technology will be able to gather similar insights as a non-visually impaired person. Full keyboard-only navigation is also possible.