Office Relationships by Brian Moore

This visualization was designed to look like a desk at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, the main location of the hit tv show "The Office". The visualization is presented from the perspective of Pam Halpert, and traces the inter-office romances of 18 different charactes. The entire visualization was designed to look "hand-drawn", but was actually built using various techniques in Tableau. The "whiteboard" section on the left shows each characters romantic history through the 9 seasons of the show. In the interactive version, you can click on any of these characters to read Pam's gossip (one of the attached images shows the visualization when Jim is selected). To the right, there is a piece of graph paper featuring two "hand-drawn" bar charts showing the length of relationships for different couples, and which characters spent the most time in the show in a relationship. The post-it notes feature some additional metrics about these relationships.