It took 22 months for a Hispanic woman's pay to match the average white man's 2020 pay by USA Today

We reflect each March on women's pay in the USA and how long into the new year a woman must work to earn the same as a non-Hispanic white man.

By summer, those speeches and stories are likely a distant memory. But for most women of color, their pay equity day is still weeks or months away. Add a historic pandemic to the mix, and the long-term outlook grows bleaker.

The race to equal pay has been more a marathon than a sprint in the six decades since the Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963. On Aug. 3, a Black woman’s pay in 2020, plus 214 days in 2021, equaled a white man’s pay last year, according to the National Committee on Pay Equity.

Veronica Bravo teamed up with Jim Sergent on this creative, video game inspired pixel art data visualization.