The New Monarchy by Insider

Over several months of reporting, consulting historical documents and speaking to local residents and experts, Insider traced how each of Zuckerberg’s numerous Kauai properties reflect a different way in which Native Hawaiians have been dispossessed from their land.

The result is a groundbreaking visual project examining the intersection of Western business interests and Native Haiwaiian land dispossession over the past 200 years. The story includes:

- Stream charts, scrolly maps, and trend charts to provide easy-to-understand entry points that help readers grasp the complex history and traditional land-management concepts involved.

- Rather than anglicize the rich vocabulary central to the Hawaiian heritage, we used interactive sound clips, recorded by Pualiʻi Rossi-Fukino, of the correct pronunciation of each native Hawaiian word.

- Custom drone footage of the various Zuckerberg properties on Kauai tie the story’s chapters together in a visually stunning way.

- The innovative use of custom audio recordings, video, interactive maps, and charts tell a story that few of Hawaii’s 10 million annual visitors ever hear about.

At a time when Hawaii’s Native population disproportionately experiences homelessness, poverty and food insecurity, and with immigration becoming increasingly contentious amid a changing climate, this story is an important reminder to think critically about who has the “right” to access, or restrict access, to land and how best to share our increasingly precious natural resources in an uncertain future.