Inspiring a Movement: The Warming Stripes by Chesca Kirkland

‘Inspiring a Movement: The Warming Stripes’ is a visualisation depicting and evaluation how Ed Hawkin’s famous ‘Warming Stripes’ graphic has grown over the last 4 years, becoming a global symbol of change.

Using Google Trends data to track search interest for terms related to the Warming Stripes from 2018 onward, more than 80 “notable” uses of the Warming Stripes were identified (a subjective categorisation that excludes countless representations by individuals on protest signs, clothing, and accessories, as well as most media coverage). These uses were quantified by the size of their social media “bubble” (i.e., followers of the person or platform that displayed the Stripes).

The final visualisation was published in Nightingale Magazine issue 2, with an accompanied article written by Claire Santoro.