Ranking Digital Rights by Surasti Puri

“Digital Rights and Technology Sector Accountability in Iran” examines the role of Iranian private-sector technology companies in upholding human rights online.

The report is based on an adapted version of the 2019 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index. It is filled with data visualisations that lead the viewer through the complicated digital landscape of Iran. Drawing on the methodology of the report, the visual language runs with the idea of ‘marking’ technology companies. It employs chalky pastel colours, schoolbook-like gridlines and blackboard inspired graphics. The company specific information is drafted as scorecards, visualising accessibility and disclosure scores. The colour-key for these scorecards runs through the whole report, making the data approachable. Panels of information give additional information on encryption, audits and transparency. The data visualisations are colourful and dynamic, ensuring the reader is engaged and able to examine the data.

All graphics and visualisations in this report are available in English and Persian.