The Highest Peaks on Earth by University of the Arts London

An exploration into high altitude mountaineering.

This project takes two different approaches to visualise data on the highest peaks on earth – one digital, one analogue.

Drawing on data from the Alpine Club Himalayan Index, the name of peaks, their height, the date of first ascent, the number of ascents as well as the number of fatal attempts are visualised across two outputs.

1. Interactive: The 100 Highest Mountains & Peaks
Users are invited to explore height and first ascent data in a playful manner. Different filtering options allow you to explore these 100 peaks in different ways – whether geographic, by height or the parent mountain range.

2. Print: Fourteen Eight Thousanders
This poster focuses in on the earth's fourteen mountains that are higher than eight thousand meters. At this altitude, mountaineering is an extreme and dangerous pursuit and this visualisation explores the popularity as well as the risk of these peaks.