Most central banks are at least researching central bank digital currencies by Moody's Investors Service

This graphic conveys to the reader which countries, by economic size, are at what stage in their central bank digital currency (CBDC) research, development, and implementation process. The larger the size of the economy, the more surface area is assigned to the country. The graphic shows that of the sovereigns that are rated by Moody’s, i e, 26% of them are piloting a central bank digital currency, including China and Korea, while about 49% are only in the research phase, including the US, France and Italy. This graphic type is an alternative to traditional global map.

With the help from graphics developer, journalist, and designer from the team, the sizes of countries, and their stages in CBDC research were presented on the shape of globe. The chart turned out really well in the report and became one of the chart type assets of the company.