LOST and FOUND on the MTA by Deborah Krikun

LOST AND FOUND ON THE MTA / V2019 is a data visualization interactive project inspired by New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority database. The data found represents the numerous lost and found items on NYC’s MTA trains. The actual record number that archives the object is used in the interactive multimedia work. The diverse stories of people who rode and lost the item on the MTA trains are fictional characters who tell how they lost the item and what the item meant to them. The diverse and human-centered storytelling tales reflects how one’s possession is valued when lost while riding NYC’s public transportation systems told by everyday people. Each interactive animated story illustrates the object and rider, with animations of maps, train routes, space and time videos reflect the experiences along with a voice over of the rider who tells the tale.
The interactive installation uses a large touch sensitive screen (25”w to 35”w). Viewers can utilize their finger touch to navigate the interface. Audio (1-3 minutes for each story) can be accessible by QCR code for personal air pods or two headphones are accessible for the audio.
The discovery of MTA’s database in the many hours of perusing data topics inspired LOST AND FOUND ON THE MTA / V2 which was conceived and revised for the ARTSWESTCHESTER Data Visualization 2019 exhibition. I was fascinated by the many objects that are lost on the train and how MTA categorizes each object. A printed documentation of the MTA database catalog accompanies the installation.
As a data interactive storytelling artist, I can see how future multimedia short data stories, can be an interactive active listening experience for all generations.
Deb Krikun 2022