What does your life look like now compared to that of a Romanian of your age in the 90s? by Edit Gyenge

This is an interactive narrative that delves into the contrasting lives of Romanians immediately after the collapse of communism in 1989 and their present-day counterparts across key aspects of life. Romania has undergone a remarkable and swift transformation over the last three decades, marking one of the most profound shifts in its modern history. These sweeping changes have encompassed diverse spheres including economics, politics, technology, lifestyles, as well as social and financial behaviors. As a result, the nation's current state bears little resemblance to its former self, yielding a blend of favorable and unfavorable consequences.

In this interactive narrative, readers are encouraged to embark on a straightforward yet illuminating journey. Through the act of choosing their age bracket, readers gain access to a statistical forecast showcasing a glimpse into how life could have unfolded if they had occupied that specific age category in the year 1990.

The charts refer to the evolution of eight key indicators across ten age groups, illuminating the shifts in life trajectories for both men and women spanning three decades. The metrics are contextualized within the scope of each age group's population rather than the nation's overall population. This fine-grained approach sheds light on the nuanced transformations, revealing the proportions of individuals out of a group of 1000 of the same age and gender who: enter marriage, undergo divorce, embrace parenthood, confront unemployment, and so much more.

This narrative serves as a reflective mirror, portraying the metamorphosis that has unfolded in a post-communist nation, encapsulating both the remarkable progress and the challenges that have accompanied it.