Parlementweets by Wedodata

Nearly 2 million tweets, this is the database that WeDoData has compiled by scraping each month the tweets of the 588 deputies during Emmanuel Macron's first term.
You have the opportunity to explore these innumerable speeches by questioning a Twitter bot – which will answer you in a personalized way… and for the first time in dataviz.

Parliamentweets has the ability to respond instantly based on three questions:
1/ Which political group has spoken the most about a given subject?
2/ How did the political groups take up a subject during the 5 years of the mandate?
3/ Between two subjects, which one dominated the speaking in each of the political groups?

To question our bot and immerse it in these 2 million tweets from MPs, nothing could be simpler: you call out to it via its nickname @Parlementweets.

Then there are 3 key formulas to know:
📈 To trace the evolution of the term “covid”, say: @parlementweets evolution covid
📊 To know the number of mentions of the term "climate", say: @parlementweets total climat
🆚 To compare the number of mentions of the terms "start up" and "crazy money", say: @parlementweets comparison start up and crazy money