Are you a millionaire without realising it? by Katie Donegan

This tool was created as a fun game and an ongoing motivator for the attendees of the Rebel Finance School. By entering your net worth and currency in its two editable fields, this tool will tell you the number of countries in which you are already a millionaire, which countries they are, and even highlight them in blue on a world map! It will also show the countries where you are a near-millionaire, with a net worth between 900,000 and 1 million, by highlighting those countries in orange. Hovering over a country with your cursor will show you the name of the country, your net worth in their currency, and whether you are a millionaire or near-millionaire. The motivational aspect of this tool comes with its regular use throughout your financial journey; by checking it each time you calculate your net worth, you will discover whether you have gained millionaire status in any additional countries! While the default currency is GBP (Great British Pounds), options exist for the most common currencies among Rebel Finance School attendees.

Katie Donegan is a financially independent (FI) content creator who was able to retire 25 years earlier than average; she now lives a nomadic lifestyle with her husband, Alan. When they're not out discovering their new surroundings, Katie and Alan spend their time sharing their knowledge to help people build their own extraordinary lives. They co-founded the Rebel Finance School, a free 10-week personal finance course. They have now delivered the course three times, helping over 2,500 people to get in control of their finances!