Putting the Fast in Fast Food by Taylor's University

What's on the menu? Exercise or extra fries?

Either way, hope you are hungry enough for information on the fast food industry!

Order up and curl up to explore the real data of 10K food hangout spots across 2,764 US cities and 50 states. With a good deal over 570 chains and 320 categories served up to the consumer market at mushrooming restaurants, a full meal is more than likely made up of a hamburger, fries, a soft drink, eggs, and onion rings!

Want an exclusive taste of the activities in the ever-mouthwatering food scene? Order up and digest many interesting patterns and trends, and the menu of takeouts in terms of mains and specials as a bite-sized summary. Come feast upon this spread of knowledge!

How high can you stack that burger? McDonald’s takes up the main market with a notable 18%, especially in Houston city or VT state. Next up is Taco Bell at 10%, especially in Columbus city or AL state, followed closely by Burger King at 8.3%, Subway at 7.8%, and Abby’s at 6.6%, especially in Los Angeles city or ME state, Chicago city or CT state, and Orlando city or UT state respectively.

Curly fries or super long fries? The top 10 chains by number of food spots are led by McDonald’s at 2x its closest competitor. By state, ME has the largest proportion of Burger King, VT for McDonald’s, CT for Subway, UT for Abby’s, and AL for Taco Bell, while CA has the largest numbers of McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell with OH leading in Abby’s and Subway.

Something’s bubbling! It’s obvious that Houston and California are US’ top ranked food spots, while a number of other cities have over 20 food spots.

We're not done yet, let’s add more spice! With 333,352k in the US, there are 3 food spots per capita with the Pacific, South, Midwest, and Northeast having heavy sprinklings. The West and Southeast only have light sprinklings – an opportunity to expand the menu! CA at #1, TX at #2, and FL at #3 top spots – costal areas sure are bustling with foodies!

If you’re thinking about zipping through the drive thru right about now, you’re not alone! Research shows that at least 83% of Americans eat at quick service restaurant (QSR) or limited service restaurant industry (LSR) at least once a week. While the pandemic may have slowed revenues and sales for some time and this thus accounts for over 50% of all restaurant sales, the fast food market has rebounded remarkably and will continue to thrive. According to IBISWorld, the fast food industry in the United States is worth USD$278.6 billion dollars in 2021. Statista is projecting it to reach more than USD$281.6 billion by the end of 2021. Expect this number to continue to grow year by year, with more restaurants entering the market!

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