The Living News: Real-time News Visualization by National Institute of Design

This experimental real-time news visualization analyses latest news feed based on sentiments, subjectivity, and content analysis. Using machine learning and generative design principles, the visualization is generated to get insights about the incoming news feeds on the fly.

The Living News uses machine learning libraries to analyse the incoming real time news from various news sources and it then performs three kinds of NLP analysis.

Sentimental Analysis
Analysis on how sentimental or emotional the news story is.i.e. if it's a positive, neutral, or negative angle.

Subjectivity Analysis
Analysis on the subjectivity of the content. i.e whether the story is opinionated and subjective, or factual and objective in nature.

Content Analysis
Living news performs analysis on what the content or topic is actually related to. It analyses the content and finds classifications or categories the content relates to.

This framework can be extended to give a visual identity to google search results. i.e. analyzing the content of the search result links and then using those results to present visual clues on subjectivity, relevance or parameters which the user is interested in.

Assisting people with different abilities especially deaf people, who can view real-time visualization on sentimental or language processing analysis and interpret it more clearly.

Real-time visual map of YouTube videos with visualization of the emotions and narrative flow

The visualization gives the news a visual identity as if it is an living cell which has its own characteristics and categories. Thus, generating a unique identity to each news feed, hence The Living News.

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