The Waitrose Index: How a lack of Waitroses in Leave areas caused Brexit by UCOVI

In the UK, there are 335 branches of Waitrose or littleWaitrose - a supermarket chain culturally associated with gentrification and affluence. Of these, 197 are located in London or the south east of England (their exact locations are shown as green icons on the map to the left).

The four tabs on this Power BI report show how either distance to nearest Waitrose branch or number of branches per Local Authority area correlate to three metrics:

1.Likelihood of being near a school rated outstanding by Ofsted
2.Locations of road accidents from 2017-2019
3.Propensity to vote for Brexit

The 2016 EU referendum results data shows particularly strong positive correlation with Remain vote share and Waitrose branches. The 'Brexit' tab of this report uses Power BI What If parameters to allow users to build Waitrose branches in under-represented Local Authorities and see how this would have tipped the balance of the 2016 vote or any re-join referendum vote in the future.