It's Still A Man's World: Ongoing Gender Inequalities by Volker Schweisfurth

My aim here is to push the boundaries of inequality data visualisation. Usual visualisations are 2D, i.e. "Screenland". I present selected UN gender issues/data in a mix of graphic and physical representation (3D printed data Sculpture):

Voice (male/female seats in Parliaments), national income per capita ($) in all countries(male/female), and labour force participation (%) by gender/country.
The underlying CAD model allows the user to also deliver animations and mixed media (AR/VR) representation with a special flavour of interactivity: no Tableau-like clicks to get answers, but seeing and touching a data object from different angles and exploring inequalities by groups; also keeping the subject of "inequality" as a physical object on your desk for years. This also offers the chance to constantly reflect on the topic of Inequality and to "argue out of the jacket or handbag": this sculpture becomes a travel companion next to the city guide.

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