Data For Gender Equity by Personal Growth/Project

The dashboard was inspired by makeovermonday. A website that provides open data and reports to data enthusiasts.
The dashboard is based on a survey directed towards gender advocates on issues they think should be prioritized in the fight for gender equity and pushing for the 2030 Transformational Agenda.
My passion for data visualization and analytics is not only driven by my passion to push for data awareness and data driven policies but also by the need to show the numbers on the ground and provoke policy makers to understand the plight of minority groups.
The Gender Index dashoboard touches on 17 issues that cut across the 14 SDGs that have an proportionate impact on gender equality. Note how the priority issues differ in the 3 continents but GBV and SRHR is captured across all regions by advocates as a high priority issues. Climate Change also has an adverse effect on equality due to climate vulnerability,disasters and risks as well as women's involvement in climate change process.

The entrant has supplied multiple files for this work:

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