Streaking by Kevin Flerlage

Streaking is a review of Major League Baseball’s wins, losses, runs scored, and streaks for each and every major league baseball team. For each team, there are two charts, each displaying information about wins and losses.

Wins and losses are represented by the inner ring. The bars associated with wins extend outward while losses extend inward. The length and the width of each bar represent the run differential.

Winning and losing streaks are represented by the outer ring. Winning streaks extend outward while losing streaks extend inward. The width of the line and the further it extends represents the length of the streak. For more information, a reader can hover over this chart or select a point or multiple points to highlight the inner ring.
In both charts, team colors will help differentiate between wins and losses.

The result is data-dense yet beautiful visualization that is both easy to read and captures the interest of the viewer.